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Open Improv

| Pianofight


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It's like Whose Line Is It Anyway, except there are no rules and the entire audience gets to participate.

It's a class where the grades don't matter and all the assignments are made up on the spot.

It's Open Improv, and it's a hell've lot more fun than whatever the hell else you were gonna do on a Tuesday.

Open Improv is one of the Sylvan's (VICELAND, Sketchfest, etc.) longest running shows. It started in a backyard with pizza and beer, and 8 years later we're running strong at our newest and best home, Pianofight. The first rule of Open Improv is %$#@ the rules, and the rest of the rules follow suit. It's a no-pressure- no-holds-barred comedy romp that proves the theory that anyone could be, and is, hilarious.

Every Tuesday @ 9 PM


144 Taylor, SF

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