The Church & Market Safeway Is No Longer Open 24 Hours

Attention, late-night shoppers: the Church and Market Safeway is no longer open 24 hours.

According to a sign at the store, the change was made last Sunday, March 12th. Safeway will now close at 1:30am each morning, reopening at 5am. 

New store hours posted on an entry door. | Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

Safeway spokesperson Wendy Gutshall confirmed the change of store hours, but would not comment on why they changed. "We continuously evaluate our operations and make adjustments where needed in our stores," she said.

Hoodline contacted the store's manager, who also declined to comment.

Of the 15 Safeway stores in San Francisco, there are now only three two that are open 24 hours, in the city's northwest: Outer Richmond (850 La Playa St.), Inner Richmond (735 7th Ave.) and Marina (15 Marina Blvd.)

If you're used to picking up a snack at the Castro Safeway after a late night out or while working an evening shift, you'll now need to look elsewhere.

Thanks to tipster Nick L. 

Update, 3:03pm: While Safeway's website shows three other locations as still having 24-hour status, commenters have informed us that all of these outposts have also ceased 24-hour operations. The Church & Market Safeway appears to have been the last of its kind. 

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The church market safeway is no longer open 24 hours