'Fiddlesticks' Owner Opening 2nd Hayes Valley Shop With Tween Apparel

Longtime Hayes Valley merchant Elizabeth Leu recently announced plans for a new boutique in the neighborhood.

Leu is taking over the former Birch flower shop to open Orange Bird at 564 Hayes St. (and Laguna), with plans to use the space to sell comfortable clothing and accessories for girls and young teenagers.

“Orange Bird is San Francisco’s premier tween store, dedicated to ages eight to 14 years,” Leu told Hoodline when we reached her via email.

The store is currently still under construction and is set to open early next month in time for holiday shopping. 

In the past, Leu also ran stationery and sundries store Lavish (549 Hayes St.) and currently owns Fiddlesticks (540 Hayes St.), her baby and children's clothing store.

Leu's other store, Fiddlesticks. | Photo: Teresa Hammerl/Hoodline

"Over the years, our customers at Fiddlesticks have been asking for more clothing for tweens, and that demand has only continued to increase," she said, noting that there are only a handful of big-box stores that cater to trendy tweens.

Fiddlesticks has offered clothing for babies, toddlers and children up to 12 years until now, but will switch to clothing for kids up to eight years in order to direct more customers to the new shop.

Orange Bird will carry accessories like Pura Vida Bracelets. | Photo: Orange Bird/Facebook

Once open, Leu said Orange Bird will be "the only boutique that focuses just on this age" in the entire city.

She described Orange Bird as Fiddlesticks' big sister—while the bird in the Fiddlesticks logo sits in a tree, at the new shop, it's now in flight.

"It’s about kids growing up, exploring and finding their independence," she said.

As a Hayes Valley merchant for more than 15 years, Leu has also watched the neighborhood evolve.

"The most exciting change for us has been the increase in families," she said, noting that the addition of Patricia’s Green and its playground, along with a plethora of family-friend stores, makes the area an exciting neighborhood to explore for all ages.

Leu said many will consider the new shop to be a girls' store, but she sees it as a store for all kids.

"We believe there is a little something for everyone at Orange Bird," she said.

Follow Orange Bird on Facebook and Instagram or call Fiddlesticks at 415-565-0508 for more information. 

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Fiddlesticks owner opening 2nd hayes valley shop with tween apparel